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Measuring Cups and Spoons Set 9PCS, BPA Free Plastic for Kitchen Cooking and Baking Stackable Design (Misty blue)

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Volume:0-500 ml

Feature:Durable, With Handle


Magnets:No Magnets


Easily measure ingredients for all your favorite recipes with this Measuring Cups and Spoons Set. Made of durable, BPA-free plastic in a stylish misty blue color, this set includes 9 pieces for all your measuring needs.
  • Stackable Design: The measuring cups are designed to stack neatly together, saving you valuable storage space in your kitchen.
  • With Funnel: The included funnel makes it easy to measure liquids and dry ingredients with precision.
  • Durable: Made of high-quality plastic material, these measuring cups and spoons are built to last through countless cooking and baking sessions.
This set is perfect for both novice cooks and experienced chefs alike. Whether you're baking a cake or cooking up a savory sauce on the stove-top, these measuring utensils will help ensure that every ingredient is added in just the right amount.
  • BPA-Free: Rest easy knowing that these cups are crafted from BPA-free materials that won't contaminate your food or harm the environment.
  • Easy-to-Use Handle: The handles on both the cups and spoons make them comfortable to hold while pouring or scooping out ingredients
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The Measuring Cups and Spoons Set 9PCS stackable design also makes them easy to store when not being used allowing you more space on counters as well as storage areas. With its durable construction materials it'll last through hundreds of uses without breaking down while its misty blue color adds an attractive touch when displayed alongside other kitchenware items.