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JL Prime 100 Piece Gold Plastic Forks Set, Re-Usable Recyclable Plastic Forks, Gold Plastic Forks, Great for Wedding, Anniversary, Rehearsal, Shower Events

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Brand:JL Prime


Upgrade your event with jl prime 100 piece gold plastic forks set, re-usable recyclable plastic forks, gold plastic forks, great for wedding, anniversary, rehearsal, shower events.

Great for special events such as wedding, anniversary, rehearsal, shower events and many more. This fine plastic forks set is made of plastic, yet it has a metallic shine you can see yourself in. It adds a little touch and luxury feel to your events. Customers will notice the place setting upgrade from those at casual parties.

Full sized gold plascic forks set comes with 7-inch forks. No flimsy forks here. These have realistic weight and can hold food just like real metal forks.

Bpa free and risk free purchase with peace of mind using the forks for any meal.

Re-usable and recyclable to reduce waste and protect our environment.

Microwave unsafe, hand wash only.

Deluxe gold plastic forks shiny metallic look makes guests think you brought out your fine forks for the occasion. This remarkably realistic forks collection always impresses your guests at special events, such as wedding, anniversary, rehearsal, shower and many more.
100 total piece full size forks look like real standard forks.

Major upgrade from lesser clear and white throw away plastic forks. Often those choices are small, flimsy, and make your guests struggle. Everyone will appreciate these full size, realistic weight forks that perfectly replicate expensive fine forks.
Bpa free and risk free purchase with no harsh chemicals or hazardous impurities in this set. Customers enjoy peace of mind in making the purchase.
Re-usable and recyclable plastic forks set from jl prime contributes to reducing waste and protecting our environment. These are microwave unsafe and hand wash only.