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Dog Bowl Adjustable Height Stand Pet Slow Feeding Dog Bowl Small and Medium Dogs Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

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Smart Equipment:Not Smart Devices

Volume Capacity:7inch

CA Prop 65: Carcinogens:No

Material:Stainless Steel

CA Prop 65: Repro. Chems:No

Pet Supplies Type:Bowl/Dish

Pet Type:Dogs & Cats

Power Supply:Uncharged


Taking care of your pet's spinal health starts with the details
  • Adjustable-5 adjustable heights to meet the height needs of animals of all sizes. Can be used from the pet's young age to old age.
  • Stainless Steel Bowls-2 Removable and washable stainless steel bowls to hold any kind of food, additional slow food bowls to train your pet to chew slowly.
  • Separate-Easy to dismantle, easy to clean, rust-resistant graphic layer to maintain aesthetics, dog bowls can be changed as needed to create a unique elevated dog bowl.
  • Stable-Strong and stable, won't roll over.
    It's time to replace your plush friend's bowl.
    1. Non-adjustable,uncomfortable eating height-Prolonged use can compress the spine and cause discomfort.
    2. Non-removable,difficult to clean-Standing water can enter the interior the dog bowl through the seams, creating odours and stains over time.
    3. Requires applicable tool and complex installation-Cumbersome installation affects the experience.
    4. No anti-rust coating,unattractive-Easy to rust, affecting the aesthetics.




    Installation completed in 4 sections
    1. Assemble the base with the Lbracket
    2. Fix the bracket
    3. Install the bowl holder
    4. Put on the bowl