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Blaсk Insulated Shopping Bags 16' x 13' x 9' Insulated Grocery Bag Pack of 2 Insulated Food Delivery Bag 16x13x9 Heavy Duty Insulated Bag for Grocery Shopping; Insulated Bags for Food Delivery

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Brand:APQ Supply


APQ Bag with sturdy construction and Thermal Shield insulation to keep food hot or cold during transport. Great to carry Features a sturdy centered handle to avoid tipping. A convenient way to transport food to any occasion. The modern fabric design makes this a stylish gift. Easily carry pizza boxes; cakes; rolls; burger; lunch; drinks; fruits; casseroles; trays; containers food casseroles and etc. The delivery bag will keep food warm; so it works perfectly as a catering bag; pizza delivery bag; reusable lunch bag; summer camp food services; groceries; and more! Triple layer design - most other bags are single layer and aren't efficient at maintaining internal temperatures or will start to leak moisture. Our bags feature a sturdy thermal aluminum outer layer; an inner EPE (eco-friendly plastic) waterproof layer and a final inner PE nontoxic film layer. Multiple Sizes to choose from here at APQ; we offer 6 convenient sizes; so you always have an excellent option to choose from.