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2 in 1 Facial Steamer with 3X Magnifying Lamp

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The Facial Steamer is design for beauty salon or personal care use at home. Its sprayer has the function of ozone, so as to speed up skin nutrition absorption. And the ozone also can sterilize and whiten your skin, and improve blood circulation and metabolism. This sprayer also has the effect of moisturing, water replenishing and keep your skin moist. Height is adjustable , fit for shampoo chair or massage table. A great skin care device for barber shop / beauty salon. With four rolling casters, you can take it around house or studio with no effort.



1. HYDRATES SKIN: It produce ionic ozone that mixed with steam, it can improve your texture of skin. The steamer for facial is suitable for a variety of skin, help to deal with skin problems.

2. ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLE: The beauty tools facial steamer's casters won't get caught in the hairs and move quick smoothly, you can flexibly adjust the height of the beauty steamer machine and the angle of the beauty lamp when needed.

3. MAGNIFYING LAMP: The facial steamer with agnifying lamp, high quality bright magnifying glass help you see details clearly and you will know the true state of your skin.

4. PROFESSIONAL CHOICE: The beauty tools facial steamer is suitable for most types of skin (like dry, oily skin), ideal for salon spas and beauty clinic. It also suitable for gifts to others because of beautiful appearance and practical functions. 

5. Assembly : This professional face steamer was easy to put together. and it has an opening in front of where the steam comes out where you can add herbs or flowers for a even more spa like experience



1. Material: Abs, PC, Metal

2. Color: White 

3. Voltage: 110V

4. Power: 750W

5. Plug Type: US Standard

6.Water Reservoir Capacity : 600ML

7. Power Cable Length: 135CM

8. Leg Diameter: 22.8 inch

9. Max Height (Ajustable):47 inch

10. Weight: 3.8KG





Package Includes:

1 x 2 in1 Facial Steamer & Magnifying Lamp

1 x Manual




When the machine raising alarm, it usually cause by the following 3 situations, you can reset it as the case may be.

1. Do not use purified water, purified water does not contain electrolytes, can't conduct electricity, use tap water in stead.

2. Water excess, beyond the MAX warning line, can trigger the alarm when the water boiling.

3. Dirty water.



1. Do not add any other liquid such as herbal tea, essential oil, toner, it could cause the machine for spraying water.

2. Keep away from children, to prevent steam scald.

3. Do not fill water when the machine is running.

4. Please keep 9.8" distance from the nozzle.

5. Do not use this machine while sleeping.

6. Please pour out the water if you don't use it in a long time.(more than a week)



1. Do not use distilled water or pure water, use tap water. 

2. If you use distilled water, the sensor may not sense the PH value of it and will beep to remind you, or you can add a little salt to the distilled water. 

3. Pay attention to the maximum and minimum scale mark of the water cup.

4.Do not add any essential oils or other substances to the water.